Our series of conversations for Heritage Week

In late July, we consulted with a number of lace artists and lace groups about the opportunity of a series of online interviews that would be shared online for August Craft Month and Heritage Week 2023. We received a lot of enthusiastic responses, and the project became reality.

Here’s the opening video of the series:

Here’s our project description on the August Craft Month 2023 website:

This project aims to enhance the visibility of lacemaking groups, organisations and individual lace artists who are keeping alive Ireland’s lace making traditions on the island of Ireland. They will continue to publish conversations with lacemakers on the Laces of Ireland channel throughout August 2023, in an attempt to encourage closer connections between groups and provide more information about Irish traditions to an international audience.

The videos are shared via the Laces of Ireland YouTube channel: youtube.com/@LacesofIreland